Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Blood Nails

I hope you're not too grossed out by this blood themed manicure, but Halloween time is upon us and I'm so excited to try some fun Halloween themed nail art. Kaki from is having a Halloween Nail Art Challenge that I would really like to participate in... I hope I have time. In the meantime I was stoked to do this splattered blood mani using a plastic drinking straw and red nail polish. I used a wet finish top coat to give that real blood look. You can choose to clean up the skin around the nail or not, but either way I think would totally enhance a Halloween costume =)
what do you guys think? Would you sport a blood splattered manicure? lol
Thanks for viewing! Have a great day.
My thumb is my favorite

Supplies Used:
  • Base Coat: OPI- Bubble Bath
  • Blood: Zoya Rekha
  • Wet Look Top Coat
  • Plastic straw
Tip: Cut the straw in half.


Amber said...

Ewwww!!! lol I love it!

nail crazy said...

wow, this is bloody... just wondering who died for this manicure ;)

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