Saturday, September 22, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 22 Inspired By a Song

Today's nail challenge is inspired by a song. F to the E, to the E-R-G-I-E. Can you guess which song I chose? haha  Today I am paying homage to Miss Fergie because her style is always on point and her nails never disappoint.  In her video for Fergalicous she has a domino manicure that had me reaching for my remote control to so that I could hit pause. I was mesmerized by her nails, and ever since then I've wanted to recreate her manicure. That's why I am really excited today's theme. I hope you find them fergalicious ;)
Supplies Used:
  • Wet n' Wild - White 449C
  • OPI by Sephora- What's a Tire Jack?
  • Nail Stripping tape
  • Large dotting Tool
  • SecheVite Quick Dry Top Coat

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Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you tomorrow for day's hard to believe that we are almost to the end of the 31 day challenge. wow


Erin said...

How awesome! I just love your nails!

issta. said...

I have never noticed Fergie's nails before, I'm gonna be on the look out now.. Great mani :)

Amber said...

Love it!

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