Thursday, September 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 20 Water Marble

Check out my water warble manicure. Let me just say my first attempt was an EF ...epic fail! The design just wasn't forming in the water and the results just looked sloppy. This is my second attempt and although it's not totally cute I'm posting it because who really wants to do a water marble manicure 3x's? hahaha I mean the process of dripping one drop of polish into a cup one at a time and dipping your finger in it only to have to repeat the process for all 10 fingers is not exactly the fun est process in the world. I'm glad I have something to post for day 20 of the challenge and now it's on to the next... lol


Supplies used:
  • Scotch tape ( 1 long piece to wrap the sides and underneath the nail.)
  • Scotch tape (1 short piece to cover the skin above the nail.)
  • 1 cup with warm water
  • A thin dotting tool to draw the design in the water
  • A pencil to remove the excess polish around the finger while still in the cup.
  • Essie Soul Mate
  • Essie Fiji
  • OPI Top Coat
Thanks for stopping by. Go ahead and tell me your horror stories about water marble mani's in the comments section. ha ha Let's vent together ;)


Amber said...

I think it looks awesome! I love the colors!

TrendyTips1116 said...

I love the colors!! When I did water marbling on my blog, it took forever!!!! I had to keep dropping drops and swirling designs that stick to my toothpick every time.... then I figured out how to do it (after the millionth try :)

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