Friday, October 12, 2012

Versatile blogger award

Hiiii everyone! Today I am so excited to share this post. Olivia from Trendy Tips was kind enough to nominate my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please visit her blog at

I was also nominated for the Liebster Award, but have been horrible and haven't responded sooner. Thank you to Cecilia Perez from and Mira from
I'm so sorry about lagging and if it's ok I'll respond to both nominations.

Ok here are the requirements for the award:
  • Nominate up to 15 other bloggers for the award (and let them know you have nominated them)
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Thank the person who nominated you in your award post and share a link back to their blog
  • Put the Versatile Blogger Award picture on your post
7 Facts About Me
  1. Disneyland is my favorite place.
  2. English is my second language .
  3. I would love to vacation in Bora Bora one day.
  4. I can eat a loaf of french bread by myself . lol
  5. I have been married for 10 years.
  6. I am one of the characters in a board game called High School Drama
  7. I know the lyrics to most gangster rap songs. lol
Celia's questions
1. - What is the best tip or trick for nail decoration you know?. Rest your arm on a solid surface.
2. - What was the first nailart blog you visited? Scrangie
3. - How often do your polish your nails? Weekly/daily/hourly. Just kidding - a lot though .
4. - What is the best nail design you've done? Comi Con
5. - Where you get inspired to decorate your nails? The beauty
6. - What is the most strange homemade tool do you use to decorate nails? Mechanical pencil
7. - What is the most repeated polish color you haveBlue
8. - How much was the most expensive nail polish you have paid for? $22 for some gel polish.
9. - What is the more distant place where you bought something for your nails? China
10. - Have you ever been late because of having your nails painted? Not really if I run out of time ,I'll just remove it & do it later.
11. - In a single day, how many times have you painted your nails? 3 haha but I loved it.
Mira's questions 
1. Why do you love about painting your nails/ nail polish? The sparkles :)
2. What is your favorite color of nail polish? Purple
3. What is your favorite brand of nail polish? OPI
4. How old were you when you started collecting nail polish? 15
5. What other hobbies do you have? Going to dr.s appointments ...does that count? lol
6. Have you ever met any of your blog readers or fellow bloggers? If you haven't, who would you like to meet? Pampered with Polish
7. Why did you decide to start a blog? I was coerced
8. What kind of camera do you have? LogitechWebcam.
9. What is your favorite food? Serbian food
10. Where was your favorite vacation? Rosarito Mexico with my fam.
11. What is your biggest polish lemming? Crackle polish. boo
My nominations:
Thanks again for the nominations girls :)
 Sorry for the long post.


nail crazy said...

congrats on the awards :D
and thanks for passing it to me :D
'I know the lyrics to most gangster rap songs. lol'

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