Monday, July 16, 2012

Leopard Print Mani

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! Today I decided to try a DIY design from the pages of The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art. This cute little book features 25 cool nail art projects to do at home. It's pretty straightforward to read and if you can follow a recipe from a cookbook you can do this! =) 

Has anyone ever had a nail art pen explode on them? I mean come on Mrs. Sally Hansen
(yes you) the point of me doing my nails is to look nice...not like I've been working on my car all day! LOL

  • Zoya- Minka
  • OPI- Roll in the Hague
  • Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen in black
  • Looks Wet Top Coat
Tip: Place the color spots first, and then follow with a black detail pen..

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Have a great day!!


nail crazy said...

nice... except for the exploding pen part ;-D
those red dots looks like rubies, awesome :-D

Pamper with Polish said...

I can't believe it exploded on you, that sucks!!! The mani, however, looks freakin amazing. You're so talented.

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