Monday, June 18, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday's

Today is Monkey See Monkey Do Monday's. I found a really cute nail design a few days ago and decided to enter with all the other fabulous ladies in the Monkey See Monkey Do. The artist is Ophelie from nailart-fr. When you click on her link you'll notice the entire site is in french, but that doesn't stop me from visiting. haha! This girl is straight fierce with her nail art designs. I mean mine really can't compare, but I still had fun doing it.
Be sure to visit Ophelie's site! Oui? ;P

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  • Orly- Silver Mine
  • Zoya- Goldie
  • Essie- Shine of the times
  • Gold Hex Glitter
  • Gold Round Rhinestones
  • Dotting Tool
Happy Polishing!

PS- Sorry I couldn't get the right InLinkz code to work to show the rest of the participants.


Pamper with Polish said...

They are so cool!! I don't even want to know how long it took you to place all of those flakes and glitters. Someday, I'll beg you to do my nails. =)

nail crazy said...

great job :-D

Beautyshades said...

Very pretty. Silver and gold look great together.

Pamper with Polish said...

Very fancy, love all the sparkles!

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