Monday, June 4, 2012

Konad s10 Designs

Hi everyone! So the other day I went to Longs Drug Store in search of new Konad plates. Yes....our Longs carries Konad products. Can you believe it? haha I came across a cute farm animal plate #s10. As soon as I purchased it I started thinking of ideas- the only problem was I couldn't decide which design to go with. That's why I did a lil' of everything! =)  Maybe you guys can vote for your favorite look?  As far as the plate I found that some of the fine lines on the image didn't transfer all the way, and centering the image on the nail proved to be difficult as well. Overall I liked the plate although I had to do a few re-dos if you know what I mean? lol

Which is your favorite design??
Please drop me a note. I love reading all of your comments!


Pi Pi

Oink Oink


Honk? I dunno.... what sounds do Pandas make? lol

 Have a great week!
Til next time...


Amber said...

Panda one is my fave. So cute!

nail crazy said...

i love 'mooo' the best *.*
i have it, but did't use this plate yet :-(

Jessica Boteilho said...

Panda and Oink Oink are my favorite!!! What pinks and green nail polish did you use? ;)

Marcelina said...

The one with panda is sooo cute:D

Beautyshades said...

I like all the designs because all of them are different couldn't pick a favourite. Following your blog :)

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