Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mickey & Minnie Inspired Manicure

Welcome Everyone!
Since I am a huge Disney fan I thought I would start by posting a Mickey & Minnie Mani. =)

How does it look?

Minnie's Bow- 1 square rhinestone & 2 round rhinestones.

CND-Stickey Base Coat
Victoria Secret- Red Carpet
Zoya- Snow White
Color Club- Yellow
Sephora by OPI- What's a Tire Jack?
5 piece dotting tool set from
Square Rhinestones in black
Round Rhinestones in black

Hint: I used tape to create a straight line.
For Mickey's pants I used white polish to create the buttons & then followed with yellow over it.


nail crazy said...

cute :-D
welcome to the blogoshpere :-D

Amber said...

Sooo cute! :)

Pamper with Polish said...

You're so awesome at nail art girl. I love that your first post are Mickey and Minnie nails. Perfect!!!

Seko Takaya said...

These are adorable! My Mother would love these. cx

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